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eRecruiter Training

Training in your house

eRecruiter training events in your house need to have some parameters

  • Every participant need to have a PC and an internet connection

  • Please provide WIFI for your consultant

  • projector

  • electric socket

  • one workspace table for your consultant

  • Flipchart or whiteboard with markers

  • Please make sure, that every participant is using the same webbrowser - no beta or test versions - (Chrome, Mozilla, IE)
  • Every participant need one applicant on the PC or on an USB - (CV, Certificates, ...) just for testing

Online training

eRecruiter offers 2 hour online Trainings - for a compact and quick overview about your eRecruiter and the possibilites

Perfect for

  • new Team members
  • polish up your knowledge
  • if you haven't got a lot of time

We will need to share our Screen, so please be sure you have TeamViewer or GoToMeeting possibilities

Training documents

To consolidate your knowledge or to look up some information, here you will find the training documents, which we are using in our training sessions. 

Training documents

Checklist after Training session