Recruiting Agency Portal

How to start a conversation with the Recruiter?

  • Please log in the recruiting agency portal
  • Click on conversation at the specific job
  • Start a new conversation with the '+' button in the right corner

Can I set a flag by recruiting agency applicants?

The Recruiting Portal offers the possibility to set a flag at the applicants, which come from an recruiting agency for a time X. You can choose the flag length by just adding it in the settings of every recruiting agency

Can I uncover the recruiting agency some of my workflow status?

Yes, just think about your workflow and let your consultant or our support help you with this setting.

CV- Parsing

The recruiting agency, can easily add applicants, by just uploading the CV of the applicant and let our CV Parser automatically fill in the data of the applicant. They also can give their own ID to the applicant, to improve the database. Please contact our support or your Consultant to learn more about it.

  1. Upload a CV from an applicant
  2. Let the CV Parsing automatically fill form

Setup Recruiting Agency

Share jobs with a recruiting agency

Upload applicants

Conversation between Recruiting Agensy and eRecruiter User