API - Questionnaires

The eRecuiter application allows recruiters to create questionnaires to create questions for jobs. Questionnaires describes applicant information, that can be provided for that job during the application process. For all possible questions, an API call is available, such that all entered information can be saved.

Getting Questionnaires

Before querying for questionnaires of a certain job, ensure that one exists. This information is provided by the JobResponse at the field HasQuestionnaire, see http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=JobResponse. Calling http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/GET-Api-Questionnaire-ByJob-jobId_culture afterwards will provide the certain questionnaire containing all questions and meta-information.

Where Questionnaires appear

When an applicant applies to a job having an associated questionnaire, the questionnaire can appear when the applicant is creating his profile, or, independent from it's profile in a separate step. This information is represented as Questionnaire Location, see http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=QuestionnaireLocation.

  • OnFirstPage
    This means, the applicant profile page contains the questionnaire. Both, the applicant profile and job application should be saved at the same time.
  • OnSecondPage
    This means, the applicant profile page does not contain the questionnaire. The questionnaire has to be showed on a separate page. Thus, the applicant profile and job application should be independent.

Questionnaire Items

Basically, an Item Type consist of a title, description, a type and a flag indicating if this information is required, see http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=QuestionnaireItemResponse to see all. 

There is a finit set of possible QuestionaireItem Types. Find them here  http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=QuestionnaireItemType 

Most of the Types map to applicant parameters. Others, like Knowledges, Languages, Educations and Experiences has to be put via

http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/PUT-Api-Applicant-Experience-applicantId or

http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/PUT-Api-Applicant-Education-applicantId or

http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/PUT-Api-Applicant-Knowledge-applicantId or


There are four special cases for Types: SingleLanguage, SingleKnowlede, CustomField and Knowledgegroup. They request a certain property of the applicant with a fixed value. Thus, if the type maps to one of those four, the expected value is set in the corresponding field of http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=QuestionnaireItemResponse. Again, here is a special case for CustomField. Since CustomFields could contain limitations for valid values, a description is delivered. Find the CustomFieldResponse here http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=CustomFieldResponse. To save the value of the CustomField use this certain requestm use http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/ResourceModel?modelName=CustomFieldResponse.