The CV parser service does not rely on any access level restrictions for the eRecruiter API. If an applicant portal is configured for CV parsing services (in eRecruiter Administration area), it can be used after successful authentication with the API.


The API supports a parsing service for CV's and extracts structured data from it. Different CV parsing algorithms are supported at the backend of the API. The actual parsing algorithm can be configured in the administration area of the eRecruiter. Therefore, select in the documentprocessing settings in the applicant portals administration to the preferred options.

POST Api/CvParser

Next, find a short description about the available parsers:

  • CVparser (by eRecruiter): Basically is able extract general applicant information from an CV. This is the standard parser which is used by default.
  • CVLizer (3rd party): This is a professional CV parser. It's able to extract precisely parsed information from the CV, like general applicant information, education, skills, ...


This endpoint provides structured applicant profile data, based on the extracted data from the parser. Depending on the portal settings, the parser returns different results.