API - Applicant


It's required to be authenticated to use the following methods. Furthermore, an API token with "Applicants" access level is mandatory.

Applicant profile

Essentially an applicant profile consists of basic claim data. More Data can be added through different routes. To get more information about the appropriate calls, see the documentation of the route.

Extended applicant profile

Extended applicant profile data can be added, edited and deleted through API calls. All of them provides interfaces to operate on the applicant data. Find here a list of all routes:

  • Api/Applicant/{applicantId}/CustomField

  • Api/Applicant/Activities

  • Api/Applicant/Activity

  • Api/Applicant/Certificate

  • Api/Applicant/Cv

  • Api/Applicant/Document

  • Api/Applicant/Education

  • Api/Applicant/Experience

  • Api/Applicant/History

  • Api/Applicant/Knowledge

  • Api/Applicant/Language

  • Api/Applicant/LinkedIn

  • Api/Applicant/Photo

  • Api/Applicant/Publication

  • Api/Applicant/Xing

Create an applicant profile

To create an applicant profile, call

Create applicant profile
PUT  Api/Applicant?sendRegistrationEmail={sendRegistrationEmail}&url={url}

Besides the users basic claim data, it's possible to extend the users profile with more precise data. Therefore, the provided routes of the API should be used. See section "Extended applicant profile" above.

Edit an applicant profile

Like creating an applicant profile, it's possible to edit an applicant profile through the API's POST requests. Basic applicant claim data, as well as extended applicant profile data can be edited and updated.

Edit appliant profile
POST Api/Applicant/{applicantId}

Delete an applicant profile

If it is intended to only delete extended applicant profile data, use the appropriate routes with a DELETE request.

Otherwise, if the whole applicant profile needs to be removed (including extended applicant profile data), two options are available via Url-parameters:

  • Anonymization of the applicant profile
  • Deletion of the applicant profile


Delete applicant profile
DELETE Api/Applicant/{applicantId}?deleteCompletely={deleteCompletely}


The personal data of the applicant becomes anonymized. The applicant's lastname is set to an standardized name, such that the user quickly knows that the applicant was anonymized. All related applicant information is deleted from the database, except of the applicant-instance itself (= Id) and the applicants job applications. All history entries containing the name are deleted and the remaining entries are anonymized, which means that texts are removed and the occurring applicant name is removed. At the end of the anonymization a history entry is created. This means, the applicant will still affect statistics, but without any personal information.


The whole applicant data will be deleted, including the applicant itself. Thus, the applicant will not have impact on any statistics and cannot be restored.