API - Reset Password


The password reset process is basically devided into three parts.

Step 1 - Trigger "I-Forget-My-Password"-Token

First, the API has to be called (http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/POST-Api-Applicant-RequestPassword_email_url_culture)

Request a password
POST Api/Applicant/RequestPassword?email={email}&url={url}&culture={culture}

This requires an existing applicant's email address, the portal-URL and culture are optional. The server will generate and return a reset-password-URL and also send an email to the applicant containing the generated reset-password-URL. This URL will lead either to the provided URL or the first URL of the default portal in case the current URL is not provided. However, the generated route to reset the password is

Generated reset password URL for the applicant portal

and has to be handled by the applicant portal.

Step 2 - Test Token and load Applicant Profile

When the applicant navigates to that link, the applicant can be loaded by the generated token. At this point, the portal is either able to continue with Step 3 directly, or perform an early test of the token to retrieve the applicant profile using the email-address and the generated token. The profile can be loaded with the following request (http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/GET-Api-Applicant_email_code)

Fetch applicant profile identified by a "I forgot my password" token.
GET Api/Applicant?email={email}&code={code}

This request succeeds for the duration, the token is valid. Currently for it is valid for 2 days.

Step 3 - Actual change of password

This step contains the actual change of the password. Therefore, the following API Request (http://api.erecruiter.net/Help/Api/POST-Api-Applicant-SetPassword) can be executed

Set a password to an applicant
POST Api/Applicant/SetPassword

This call requires the applicant's email, token, new password and the current URL to reset the password. Note, the password has to match the password policy in order to apply it to set it. Furthermore, the token again is valid for 2 days from its creation until it expires.